Media usage agreement

Agreement on the use of P+S promotional data

As a registered user, I hereby declare my consent to the application of the following conditions in respect of the promotional data of the company Pauli + Sohn:

The registered user is only permitted to use Pauli + Sohn promotional data to promote Pauli + Sohn products. Any use in excess of this is not permitted, especially the transfer of promotional data to a third party and/or the use of promotional data to promote or label third-party products. Modifying the promotional data is expressly forbidden.

Any information, work or other output suitable for product promotion made available to the registered user by Pauli + Sohn via this website or which has been or will be ceded in any other way, particularly photos and illustrations of Pauli + Sohn products, is considered promotional data pursuant to the above.

The usage right shall lapse if Pauli + Sohn informs the registered user of this (e.g. in the case of a change to the promotional data or certain rights to promotional data expiring, etc.) by sending a corresponding e-mail to the address specified during registration and/or informing him in some other way. The usage right shall also lapse if the registered user is not selling or distributing any Pauli + Sohn products, if the information on the registered user given during registration is incorrect and/or if the user deregisters.

The information in the promotional data should be considered approximate in nature. Pauli + Sohn does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the contents of the promotional data.